Do you like ordering the appetizer sampler when you go out to eat? Who doesn’t?! You get a little taste of everything! Well, consider this a little taste of work I’ve done. Not quite as delicious as fried pickles, but still pretty good.

Presentations & Coursework

More Than Fun & Games: Video Games @ the Public Library

Untangling the Burmese Python Problem: How an Injurious Wildlife Listing Could Change the Face of Florida Ecosystems

Bibliography: Saving the Earth One Kid at a Time

Bibliography: Things That Go Bump On the Bookshelf

Copywriting Projects

MenScience Newsletter (Aug 2008)

Press Release: “MenScience Acne Spot Repair Gives New Meaning to ‘In Your Face'”

Direct Mail Piece: MISSION LAKES

Excerpt from “The Home Almanac,” published by Welcome Books, 2004


“Academic Standards”, courtesy of Poor Mojo’s Almanac(k)

“The Happiest Day of Your Life”, courtesy of Keepgoing.org

“Get Off My Back!: The Earth’s Never-Ending Quest To Make Us Move Out”, courtesy of k48 Magazine

Essays & Reviews 

Film review: Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare, courtesy of Reverse Shot

Film review: Mad Monster Party, courtesy of Reverse Shot

Avenue D Exposed, courtesy of official Avenue D website


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