Fall….into magic!

I love fall. I LOVE IT. The leaves changing color, extra-crispy air, apples, pumpkins, Halloween-themed impulse buy candy at the registers. I even love the earlier dusk. I AM A SUCKER FOR FALL. I made my husband leave a cherished tropical paradise just so I could experience it once again. And experience it I will! Here are some fall-oriented events I will move four states for:

  • Haunted house at the Eastern State Penitentiary. Have you heard about this thing? Because I certainly want to go.
  • Pumpkin-picking. Years and years and years ago, I invited some friends from NYC to come pumpkin picking. We found a patch with an incredible corn maze that scared small children. For the life of me, I cannot remember where it is, but I WILL FIND IT. And even if I can’t, I’m definitely making a trip to another pumpkin patch to get some more of the sweet, sweet apple cider I am addicted to.
  • And speaking of sweet, sweet apple cider, why not make it alcoholic? I attempted beer-brewing in Miami and was not pleased with the results, mostly due to the fact that it is just TOO DAMN hot (seriously, the highest temp for any kind of proper fermentation is 78 degrees, which, ugh, is just not happening). Maybe it’s time to try brewing some hard cider?
  • Costume-making. Even if I don’t actually do anything for Halloween, I still make a costume. This I have done for the past 25 years. Some of them have been lame. Some of them have made me especially proud. I’m tempted to pull out Bride of Frankenstein again, since I don’t think she got her proper due a couple of years ago. But there’s still time to make something else:  Rosemary Wodehouse of Rosemary’s Baby (complete with devil baby)? Pig butcher? That horrifying super shrimp they just pulled out of deep sea? Talk my husband into being Morticia Addams? I’d make a fine Gomez!! (Also, invite me to your Halloween party. I bring candy.)
  • Did I mention watching leaves change color? I don’t know what it is, but they have a strangely soothing and hypnotic effect on me. All those colors, twirling in the breeze, crackling under foot……..gaaaaaah……

Do you love the fall? If you do, you’re my friend. If not……you probably have a great personality.



One Comment on “Fall….into magic!”

  1. People who don’t love fall aren’t to be trusted. True fact.

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