What I’ve Read / What I’m Reading


Only 51 days until Halloween! I’ve already got my special Halloween issue of Martha Stewart magazine, so I am READY TO GO. In honor of this illustrious holiday, I’ve been reading some horror-based literature. Or that’s what I read normally. You figure it out.

What I’ve Read:

Locke & Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez250px-Joehilllockekey

If you haven’t seen this graphic novel series yet, you are completely missing out and I recommend you finish this blog post, then go to a library and borrow a volume. Because it is good.

Written by Hill, Son of Stephen (King), who’s a better writer than I would like him to be (jealous!), and illustrated by Rodriguez, the story follows a family that moves into a giant, rambling, scary old house after the untimely murder of their father, and a bunch of weird stuff happens involving keys. I purposely undersold it so that you can try the series and be like, “Deidra is such a stupid idiot. This is the best.” and then feel better about yourself for your literature choices. You’re welcome.

Evil forces, gender-bending, epic battles, bizarro monsters, and the absolutely most wonderful teen heroine I’ve encountered in almost forever….it’s all here, fantastically drawn and intricately detailed. I usually have to go back and re-read a volume to get all the little nuances, and my brain is as fast as a CHEETAH. I’m not exaggerating.

There’s 5 books so far in the series, and the final one comes out February 2014 (Boo!). Yes, I realize someone who’s not into graphic novels will be hesitant to pick it up, but if you enjoy great characters, horrifying situations, and like looking at lush, incredible illustration, check it out now before Brad Pitt and Hollywood destroy it.

What I’m Reading:

10281556Night Film by Marisha Pessl

I’m about 3/4 of the way through, and it’s….pretty good. Not fantastic. Not awe-inspiring. Not what all the reviewers are friggin’ salivating over. But pretty readable. Excellent premise: a disgraced investigative reporter follows up on the wonky suicide of the daughter of a mysterious film director, a sort of Kubrick-Polanski-Coppola hybrid who may or may not be dabbling in some f’in dark magic. There’s definitely some very tense, scary imagery in there, but the characters are kind of flat, and the whole gumshoe-esque dialogue gets a bit stilted and unrealistic after a while.

And then I realized this author also wrote Special Topics in Calamity Physics which I also enjoyed the hell out of in the beginning, hated for its unrealistic characters towards the middle, and ultimately ended up being really disappointed in at the end.

Then again, I did recommend that one to a past book club (aka, “Miami Reads, Bitches!”), so I’ll plod on and see what happens.

(I’m also jealous of this author, too.)

Happy Early Halloween!


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