A visit to Grounds for Sculpture

As I was perusing classified ads a few weeks ago (I peruse, by the way, I don’t hunt desperately for a job. That’s uncivilized.), I came across a job listing for Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton Township, New Jersey. Although I was a teensy bit underqualified, I applied anyway (reach for the stars!). And even though I didn’t even get an interview, I was sufficiently intrigued with the place to decide to make a visit there.

I was completely blown away! Grounds for Sculpture is 42 acres of gorgeous park land, situated on the old New Jersey Fairgrounds. Dispersed throughout the really amazing landscaping are some incredible works of sculpture from a huge collection of artists, including George Segal, Kiki Smith, Seward Johnson, and even Gloria Vanderbilt. They’ve also got a great little collection of galleries, and a supposedly incredible restaurant called Rat’s, which I am unfortunately too poor to eat at. You can get more info here: http://www.groundsforsculpture.org.

Totally recommended for anyone that likes to look at interesting things and be outside. Which should be everyone.


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